Create a strategy to build quality backlinks

Backlinks are the links that inter-connect the anchor text on your site with that of another site. These links are like votes of recommendation to your site that search engine spiders take into consideration while ranking your site in an organic search.
You do not even have to submit a new site to search engines to have it indexed; building quality links alone will result in search engines indexing your site.
Checklist for Building Quality Backlinks:
1. Check the Page Rank of Linking Websites
Use the Page Rank tool to check page rank of the site
2. Check if the Linking Page is Indexed
The website you are about to link to must be indexed in Google. To check, do a site search for the website by typing '' into the Google bar. If it does not return any results it means that the site is not indexed.
3. Get Links From Sites That Fall Under Your Business Category
Here is a list of niche categories of sites and directories. You can link to them to get backlinks from your niche sites. To find more sites that fall into your business category, simply type the following text in your Google Search box:
You may also find websites related to yours using tools such as and 
4. Check if the Site is Spammed
▪ Enter the domain at WhoIs Lookup and find out if a legitimate person has registered the domain name.
▪ Check if the content in the site is stuffed with unrelated and often repeated terms like ‘buy cheap Viagra online’, ‘play free bingo’, ‘get cheap shoes.’
▪ Check if there are pornographic references made in the site.
▪ Check if the site has too many ads.
▪ Websites are termed spammy when they have hidden anchor texts (the color of the linked keywords is same as the background color). Check for this.
▪ Check if the font used on the site is unnaturally bold or of a larger size.
▪ you can genrate back link LINK BULDER